Managed migration is commencing for people claiming Tax Credits. Please see our latest information on this – Managed Migration


Making a claim for Universal Credit

Before you make a Universal Credit claim you will need an email address along with the following information to hand:  

  • Your name, address and phone number 
  • Details of your income and savings
  • Bank account details 
  • Childcare costs details (if applicable) 
  • Housing costs details (rent/mortgage costs and the name and address of your landlord/mortgage provider) 
  • Proof of Identity (such as your driving licence, passport or debit or credit card) 
  • Most people should claim Universal Credit online. If you cannot use digital services at all (for example due to disability) you can contact the Universal Credit helpline: 
Reporting changes to your Universal Credit
If you have a change in your circumstances, it is important you report this as soon as possible to prevent you being under- or over-paid Universal Credit.
The types of changes you will be able to report are: 
  • Your rent going up or down 
  • Moving to a new address 
  • Changing your bank details 
  • Finding or finishing a job 
  • Changes to your earnings (only if you are self-employed) 
  • People joining or leaving your household, such as having a baby, a partner moving in or leaving or children leaving home 
  • Starting to care for a child or disabled person 
  • Changes to your health
  • Becoming too ill to work or meet your work coach 
Universal Credit and Telling the DWP about your Change in Rent
If you are on Universal Credit you MUST tell the DWP about your change in rent and resubmit your housing costs on your online Universal Credit Journal.
Sign into your Universal Credit journal at 
Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is a Council Tax discount. It reduces the amount of Council Tax you must pay. The size of the discount you get depends on your income. There is a maximum discount of 75%, unless you qualify as a member of a protected group.
You may be eligible for Council Tax Support if you:
  • live in the UK
  • are on a low income
  • pay Council Tax


Council Tax Support is NOT claimed for or covered by Universal Credit.  If you would like help to make a claim please contact our Money Matters Team or your local council, alternatively you can apply online via your local councils’ website. 

If you require help, please do not hesitate to contact the Money Matters Team on 0113 3861000 or


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