We welcome and receive feedback from customers in many ways to help improve and change the service we provide and how we do it.

The feedback we receive from our customer comes in many ways including:
  • Complaints 
  • Quarterly customer satisfaction surveys 
  • Surveys following a repair or customers moving in or out of properties 
  • Estate inspections and walkabouts 
  • Informal events, for example coffee mornings at sheltered housing schemes 
  • Local meetings 
  • Challenger Panel and scrutiny reviews 

Each quarter we will share with you what you have said and what we are doing about it. 


What actions have we taken?

Please take a look through the points below of how we acted on your feedback to help improve services here at Leeds Federated.

You Said: In December 2020 customers told us they would like to receive more information on key services such as repairs and maintenance, rent and lettings: as well as information regarding neighbourhood and community issues

We Did: In July 2021 we launched a new customer e newsletter to share more information about what we are doing, to promote services and what is happening in neighbourhoods. Let us know your email address so we can send it to you directly or if you require a paper copy. 

You Said: Membership of the Challenger Panel needs to increase with a focus on recruiting and retaining new members

We Did: We have increased our customer engagement team to help support the Challenger Panel and other forms of engagement. A recruitment drive for customers to opt in for more involvement and to consider joining the Challenger Panel starts in February 2022. 

You Said: Our garden teams have removed customers plants from communal beds by accident mistaking them for weeds.

We Did: We are encouraging the use of an app to make sure our garden teams do not remove plants. We will look to upskill staff with training and more experience in horticultural to the job descriptions. 

You said: You no longer know who your neighbourhood /housing officer is for your area and there is no local presence

We Did: In April 2021 new area teams were introduced and the areas neighbourhood officers changed. At that time, we aimed to send letters to all customers. We have now added details of Neighbourhood Officers to our website under the following pages North Team Central Team South Team During 2022 we will be working to further develop relevant information for your area on our website. 

You Said: You want to be confident with safe working practices when heating services and repairs are taking place, to protect customers who may be more vulnerable

We Did: Gas Engineers are to comply with customer wishes to wear face coverings once in their home and if the operative cannot wear a face mask, then the appointment must be re-arranged for an operative who can wear a face mask to attend. 

You said: The Challenger Panel expressed concern that the full range of appointment slots were not being offered.

Just to confirm we have five slots – morning, afternoon, avoiding the school run, early evening, and Saturday morning appointments slots – reminders will be shared with the repairs call handling team and training for new members of the repairs team to ensure that they also contact customers and advise them when appointments have had to be rearranged when materials have not arrived. 

You said: What information is there about avoiding condensation?

a new leaflet has been produced explaining reasons for condensation and how to alleviate this problem and Repairs Advisers will be sending these to customers reporting condensation. We will also be looking to add this leaflet to the website. 

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