If you have an ASB problem with your neighbours, it is often worth speaking to them about it first. If you don’t feel able to talk to them, or you are unable to resolve the issue, we can investigate it for you. You can report ASB anonymously, although this will limit our ability to investigate it.

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour, you should report it to us. If incidents involve criminal behaviour or damage, please report it to the police.

If you are a Leeds Federated tenant, the easiest way to report ASB is online through My Account or:                                                                                            
Call: 0113 386 1000 (24 hrs a day)
Email: hello@leedsfed.com;


Write to us at: Leeds Federated, 15th Floor Pinnacle, 67 Albion Street, Leeds, LS1 5AA

If you are not a customer, you can report ASB being caused by Leeds Federated tenants.  

For more information about ASB please see our Frequently Asked Questions. 


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