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Modernisation and planned works - what do they mean for your home?

In order to maintain your home in a good state of repair, Leeds Federated undertake planned improvement programmes. Planned improvement relates to the planned upgrade of key components in your home such as your bathroom, kitchen, windows, doors, central heating boiler or roof. The components have an expected lifespan and when they come to the end of that lifespan, they will need to be replaced and will be added to a planned replacement programme.

How do we know when the planned work in your property is due?

Every five years we undertake a stock condition survey. This survey provides us with information on the condition of your home and allows us to identify, plan and make financial provision for maintenance and planned improvement works to all our properties. The most recent survey in 2021 also included an assessment of energy efficiency. This will help us plan for any required energy efficiency upgrades to your home, such as additional insulation to the roofs, walls or floors. If planned works are due on your home, we will contact you in advance and provide full details.

Will I get a choice?

Yes. For kitchens, you will be shown samples from a selection of kitchen units, worktops, floor coverings, wall tiles and paint. For bathrooms, we offer a choice of floor coverings, wall tiles and paint. You can view the current available choices in the APS Resident Handbook 

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If you are due to have work done on your heating, HERE is a guide to what you can expect.’

Who will carry out the work?

We partner with Arthington Property Services (APS) who install our kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors and boiler replacements. Our current contractor partner for roofing is BAAS Construction Ltd.

What can I expect during my planned improvement works?

We aim to deliver a high level of service during the improvement works and we have set out our standards and details of what to expect in our Planned Maintenance Service Standards. We'll ask you for your feedback when the work is complete. Your feedback is important to us as it helps us to improve our services.