The Challenger Panel is a team of customers who work together with staff to review services and suggest areas for improvement. Currently the panel meets with senior staff every quarter, either face to face or online, to review performance information and customer feedback from perceptions surveys and complaints.  

The customer Challenger Panel was formed in 2015 to act as a critical friend to the organisation and help staff better understand the customer perspective when considering performance and satisfaction information. Over the last few years, the panel has undertaken reviews and scrutiny activity.  Members retain a specific focus on monitoring our performance from a customer perspective.

Members currently involved participate in the following: 

  • Lettable standards review based on recommendations from the customer journey 
  • Services provided to maintain communal gardens and space 
  • Monitoring progress with implementing priorities to meet the commitments set out in the Together with Tenants Charter           

The Panel will develop its role in ensuring that the wider customer voice continues to effectively influence operational and strategic decision making. The panel is supported by the Customer Engagement team to carry out its role. Panel members also access comprehensive training to enable them to provide effective challenge and scrutiny. 

The Challenger Panel provides updates to the Operations Committee helping to ensure customer experience and accountability informs decision making. 


Want to get involved?

If you would like to get involved, the Challenger Panel is always keen for new recruits to join the panel.

For more information about joining the Challenger Panel please contact Louisa Barlow Simson, Customer Engagement Officer


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