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Our History

Leeds Federated has been providing people with safe, affordable homes since 1975. The first homes we invested in were at the Arthingtons in central Leeds. We worked closely with Leeds City Council and other organisations which were concerned by the quality of homes to rent in the city at that time.

We've always been based in the heart of the communities we serve. Our first office was in a house on Arthington Terrace which had an outside toilet and needed upgrading, as did the other homes we acquired in the area. We rewired, reroofed and replumbed the homes in the Arthingtons and the Ebors.

Leeds Federated has been synonymous with regeneration in the inner city of Leeds. Although the number of homes has increased, along with the geographical spread across Leeds, Wakefield and into North Yorkshire we are still committed to building and providing safe,affordable homes that people want to live in.