Getting involved can not only be beneficial for you but also for your neighbours and fellow Leeds Federated customers. It will allow you to work with staff members to share your experiences about services from Leeds Federated on different aspects of the organisation. You can be involved at various levels depending on how much time and commitment you want to give.  



As members of TPAS you will have access to tenant engagement experts who support landlords and tenants to work together to improve business performance as well inspiring involved resident volunteers who want to network with fellow residents across the country. Read more about TPAS here.


Benefits of getting involved  

  • It is social - meet new people 
  • Helps connect you with your neighbours 
  • Learn skills that can help you in the job market 
  • Free training to help your personal development 

You would benefit from an increased connection with not only Leeds Federated staff members but also other customers if that’s what you choose. You will be able to share your experiences and opinions on different areas of the organisation depending on how you choose to get involved. It is also a great opportunity to increase your skills and enhance your CV as some opportunities will involve free training.  

If you do wish to get involved email the customer engagement team.