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Focusing on fire safety in flats

08 Mar 2024
We’ve produced a new guide to help you understand more about fire doors in flats and what you can do to keep you and your neighbours safe. Take a look at the guide here. 

Fire doors are important as they can prevent smoke, heat and fire from spreading through your building.

We check your communal fire doors weekly and also carry out an annual inspection.
It’s also important for you to make sure your fire door is in good working order. You should:
  • Check your door fully closes into its frame and is not obstructed
  • Check the self-closing device is not leaking oil and is able to close the door into its frame behind you
  • Check the door frame for damage or excessive wear and make sure it is not warped
  • Check the fire door for visible damage
  • Check that the smoke seals and intumescent strips are not missing or damaged or heavily painted over
  • Keep fire door closed when not in use

 If there are any faults on your fire door, please contact us immediately.

It’s also really important to keep hallways, corridors and communal areas clear as this can help save lives by allowing quick access to, and escape from, your building in an emergency. If you have large items that you’re struggling to store in your home, contact your Housing Officer or Support Co-ordinator as they may be able to help you find alternative storage.

During March and April we’ll be hand delivering our new guide and will be happy to chat through any questions or concerns you may have. You can also get in touch with us directly to report a fault or worries about your flat fire door, or any other communal fire door in your block: