Rent FAQs

How to pay your rent and service charges, info on housing benefit, debt advice and more.

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Debt advice

If you are struggling to pay your rent or manage your bills, you can get support and advice from our friendly team.

We can give advice on benefit claims, or if you are in debt, help to arrange a repayment plan so that you can pay back the money at a rate you can afford.  Our team can also refer you for specialist debt advice if needed.

If you are a customer who would like advice on money matters, email or call 0113 386 1200

Other local organisations that can help you with money advice include Better Leeds, St Vincent's, Step Change and Citizen's Advice Bureau.


Loansharks are illegal money lenders who charge excessive interest and often threaten people who take out loans with them if they can't pay.

Stop LoanSharks is an organisation set up to help people affected. If you have borrowed money from a loanshark, you can find advice on how to deal with it here.

Paying rent and service charges

Paying your rent and service charge is simple and flexible. We have three easy ways for you to pay your rent so you can choose a solution that works for you.

Direct Debit: Setting up a direct debit means your rent will be paid automatically on a regular basis so you don't have to worry about missing a payment. To set up a direct debit call 0113 386 1200

Credit/ Debit card: You can pay your rent with a credit or debit card and can even set up a recurring card payment. There are two easy ways to do this; on our website through MyAccount or by calling 0113 386 1200.

Payment card: You can pay your rent at Post Offices and local shops who are part of the PayPoint scheme with a Leeds Federated payment card. Call 0113 386 1200 to request a card. 

 You can choose to pay your rent at a frequency to suit you, this can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can check your rent balance on My Account which gives you access to information about your tenancy 24/7.

Rent and service charge arrears

If you get behind on your rent and service charge payments, our Income Management Team will get in touch with you.

You may be advised to make a benefit claim or make a repayment agreement to clear your arrears. We may also arrange for deductions to be made automatically from your salary or benefits you receive.

It's important to work with us to find a way forward, so please do not ignore letters or telephone calls about your rent account.

If you don't work with us to pay the money back, we will take legal action which could result in you being evicted from your home.

Rent balance & statements

To check your rent balance and view your statements, log in to My Account. We will send  you a rent statement every three months.

Service charges

Who provides the services covered by my service charges?

Our Community Spaces Team  carry out grounds maintenance, but we also use contractors for other services such as cleaning and alarm servicing.

Does Leeds Federated make a profit from service charges?

No, we are a not-for-profit organisation and make no profit from service charges; they simply help us to cover the cost of providing services to customers.

Some tenants may pay a service charge for maintenance to communal areas. For example, if you live in a flat you may have to pay a service charge if you have a shared garden, or shared areas such as hallways and entrances. If you do have to pay a service charge it will say so in your tenancy agreement.  

Housing benefit

We can help you find out if you can claim housing benefit to pay your rent. If you already claim housing benefit it can be paid to us directly. If you are unsure about whether this applies to you, contact us on 0113 386 1000.

Universal Credit

If you claim Universal Credit, all your benefit payments are rolled into one and paid to you each month, including any housing costs. You are responsible for paying your rent to us. The easiest way to do this is to set up a direct debit so your rent is paid automatically. 

To find out more about Universal Credit click here.

Rent increases

We review rents every April and will give you 28 days notice of any changes.