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How can I change or reset my password on ‘My Account’?

You can reset your password by following these simple steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Forgotten your password’ password reset link on the ‘My Account’ login page and enter either the email address or the mobile telephone number registered against your  account.

  2. Use the link to reset your password sent by email or SMS and then enter the new password details.

  3. On the ‘My Account’ login page you will now be able to access your account by entering their username (email address) and new password.

How do you register for ‘My Account’?

To set up and have access to your My Account’ you need to be a Leeds Federated tenant. Only people named on the tenancy agreement will have a ‘My Account’. For a joint tenancy, each of the named tenants can have their own individual ‘My Account’, with separate user access and passwords.

To register for MyAccount you will need to supply the following information:

  1. First and Last Name

  2. Date Of Birth

  3. Property Address

  4. Tenancy Reference

  5. Email Address

  6. Contact Number

Prior to registering for your ‘My Account’ you should read the ‘My Account’ Privacy Policy along with the Privacy Policy on Leeds Federated’s website. This policy explains how Leeds Federated will process your personal and sensitive data.

You can also view our Terms & Conditions on the Leeds Federated website 

You will be sent an activation code/link by letter, text or e-mail which you can use to activate your account and setup a password 

Your password must contain at least two numbers, two characters and be 6 or more characters

I am a joint tenant, do we have to share login details?

No, each joint tenant can register and have their own log in details on their own phone or device. You will be able to see and do the same things with your tenancy.

I cannot remember My User Name

Your username is the email address you used to register for My Account

I don’t know my Tenancy Number’?

Your Tenancy Number can be found on your Rent Statement or most letters from us

What is ‘My Account’?

The Leeds Federated ‘My Account’ is a way in which you can access, view and engage with Leeds Federated about your tenancy. It lets you view documents and carry out a lot of day to day activities, including:

  • Managing and keeping your information up to date

  • Viewing, making, cancelling and changing repairs appointments

  • Viewing information about previous repairs

  • Viewing, downloading and printing rent statements

  • Viewing and downloading property documents, for example gas and electrical safety certificates

  • Reporting anti-social behaviour,

  • Downloading our noise nuisance app

  • Reporting a service complaint

  • Contacting LHFA to ask for a call or support on monetary matters

  • Viewing and updating your personal contact and profile information;

  • Viewing and updating contact and profile information about your household occupants

  • Requesting a tenancy termination.

The aim is to bring your tenancy details to your door.

Who can register for MyAccount

Any Current Tenant can register for MyAccount