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Info about buying, renting or swapping your home.

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Rent a home

We have homes in Leeds, Wakefield, West and North Yorkshire. Our homes are allocated by the local councils in each area and there is a different application process for each council.
For Leeds properties, you need to register with Leeds Homes
For homes in Wakefield register with Homesearch
For homes in North Yorkshire including Selby you need to register with Harrogate Borough Council

Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership is a great way to buy a home and get on the housing ladder. You buy a share of the property (usually around 50%) and pay rent to us for the rest. With property prices high, many people can find it difficult to get a mortgage. With shared ownership you only need to borrow part of the value of your home which can make it an affordable option.

You may be able to buy a shared ownership property if:
  • You are not already a home owner
  • Your annual household income before tax is less than £80,000
  • You have no outstanding credit problems
  • You are unable to purchase a property suitable for your needs on the open market
All our homes for sale will be advertised on the Help to Buy NEYH website. To view them click here. 

For more information about Shared Ownership please see our guide.

Swap your home

If you live in a social housing property and want to move, you could swap your home.

Home swaps (also called a mutual exchange) take place when two tenants agree to swap homes. Perhaps one wants to downsize and another needs more bedrooms. Or, people may want to move to a different area.

If you want to swap houses with someone who lives in a Leeds Federated property, get in touch with your Neighbourhood Officer. We support customers who want to swap their homes with each other if the properties are suitable for them and the qualifying criteria are met.

You can search for a property in your local area or across the UK with House Exchange where we also advertise Leeds Federated house swaps.