Anti-social behaviour FAQs

How we will work with you to tackle ASB

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What is ASB?

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is any behaviour that causes nuisance, alarm or annoyance. It could include harassment, noise nuisance, or groups of people causing a problem on your street. If you are experiencing ASB please report it to us.

If you have an ASB problem with your neighbours, it is often worth speaking to them about it first. If you don’t feel able to talk to them, or you are unable to resolve the issue, we can work with you to investigate it.  

Reporting Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)

If you are a Leeds Federated tenant, the easiest way to report ASB is online through My Account. You can also:                                                                                            You can also report ASB being caused by Leeds Federated tenants.

Record ASB with Noise app

The Noise app is an easy way to record ASB incidents and report them to us. The app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android phones and tablets.
It lets you instantly record noise nuisance on your phone, report it directly to us for free and creates a personal diary of your recordings. We can use the recordings as evidence when we investigate your case.

For more information go to the noise app website.
Noise App

How we investigate

If you report ASB we’ll be in touch with you within 2 working days.
We will investigate your complaint and agree an action plan with you. Often we will interview all those involved to get the facts and decide on the next step.

If we can obtain enough evidence to support the report of ASB we will take appropriate action - this will be discussed with you. Afterwards, if the situation doesn’t improve we will review the case to see what further action can be taken.

If there isn’t enough evidence of the ASB we will discuss the potential options with you or close the case. If the complaint isn’t upheld we will let everyone concerned know and close the case. 


With every ASB case, confidentiality is important and we don’t disclose the information we receive during an investigation to the third parties involved. Sometimes we may need to share information with the Police or other enforcement agencies, but this is rare. 

You can report ASB anonymously although this will limit our ability to investigate it.     

ASB Service Standards

We have service standards in place which let you know what you can expect when you report ASB to us. When you report a case of ASB we will:
  • Take the report seriously and investigate it thoroughly
  • Treat your case confidentially and we will not discuss it with other people involved in the case without your permission
  • Keep you informed of progress with your case. Work to resolve your case, and work together with other organisations when necessary.