Results of our latest customer satisfaction survey

04 May 2023
Each quarter, an independent research agency surveys around 150 of our customers on our behalf, so that we can get feedback on our services. This feedback helps us to identify what we’re doing well and where we need to improve, so that we can keep working towards providing the best possible experience for our customers.
We publish the results of these surveys to ensure that we are accountable to the government’s Regulator of Social Housing and, crucially, our customers.
Click here to see the results of our latest survey (Quarter 4 22/23)

Some notes on the results:
  • The Quarter 4 results are taken from telephone surveys with 150 customers because, over the course of a year, we aim to survey approximately 600 customers.
  • As per guidance from the Regulator of Social Housing, any ‘don’t know / not applicable’ responses are removed from the results. This means that each score is calculated based on the responses of customers who had an opinion to share on that particular question.
  • The questions on repairs, complaints, and communal areas were asked of fewer than 150 customers, because they were only relevant to some customers (i.e. those who had reported a repair in the last 12 months / made a complaint in the last 12 months / live in a building with a communal area).