COV-19 Coronavirus Update

Leeds Federated are working hard to keep staff and customers safe during this difficult time. You can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here. You can also find the latest advice from the NHS here and the latest updates on the situation from the government here .Leeds City Council also have information about their services and how you can volunteer to help others here. We will continue to update this page as government advice and the situation changes. You can also find more information on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

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Coronavirus FAQS

I pay my rent on a rent card and cannot get out to make payments as I am self‐isolating.

If you have a debit or credit card, you will be able to pay your rent online.  There are also a variety of other ways explained here on how you can pay your rent.  As a last resort, keep your weekly rent to one side so it is ready to be paid after the 7 or 14 day self–isolation period and then pay it as normal.      

I have been working but my circumstances have changed as a result of Coronavirus. Can I get any benefits or help with my rent?

The Government has announced a range of measures to support people affected by Coronavirus. We would advise anyone needing more information to visit

You should also be aware that:
  • If you are ill or self‐isolating and need to claim Universal Credit, you should ring the helpline number 0800 328 5644
  • Universal Credit advance payments are available without the need to attend a Job Centre
  • Fit notes will not be required for Universal Credit Claims because of being ill or self‐isolating due to Coronavirus.

I have been offered a property but have to self‐isolate. Will I lose the property?

You will not lose the property if you have to self-isolate.  Please be assured that we will arrange an alternative date for you to sign the tenancy agreement and move into your new home whilst following the Government guidance on social distancing and ensuring the wellbeing of both yourself and our staff.  However, if you no longer wish to move, then please let us know as soon as possible.


Are you still letting properties during this outbreak of Coronavirus?

We are continuing to undertake lettings of properties during this outbreak of Coronavirus and are keeping to the strict social distancing conditions introduced by the Government in order to keep both staff and customers safe.  Our staff will be wearing appropriate PPE when dealing with customers who are moving into our homes.

I am due to leave my Leeds Federated home but cannot hand in my keys due to being in self isolation?

We can keep extending the tenancy until you are in the position to be able to move and hand in the keys to the property but you will be responsible for the rent for any extended period.  Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to make a claim for dual housing benefit to cover your rent during this period. 
If you have already moved all your belongings out of the property and just need to hand in the keys and there is no-one else that can return the keys on your behalf, please send an email to confirming that you have moved out of the property and wish to hand the property back to Leeds Federated. 


I live in a sheltered scheme. Can I still attend activities taking place in the communal lounge?

We would advise all residents living in sheltered schemes to pay close attention to the self-isolation, shielding and social distancing guidance provided by the Government.  This asks everyone aged 70 years and over or at a very high risk of severe illness from Coronavirus because of underlying health conditions to stay at home, wash your hands regularly, maintain strict social distancing and avoid touching your face.  

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