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...move to another part of the country?

Moving to another part of the country

Moving to another part of the country is a big decision but if you need to move closer to current employment or to find a job or to support relatives then we may be able to provide a letter of support or assistance to apply. You can enquire about this by contacting the Customer Service Team on 0113 386 1200.

Many social landlords and local authorities have open waiting lists which means that anyone can apply directly to them for housing. All applications will be considered by the landlord applied to on an individual basis. You can locate social landlords in different areas by using a comprehensive search engine on the internet.

Alternatively you can now use Homeswapper. This is an internet based company running a mutual exchange scheme for social housing tenants in all areas of England. Tenants pay a small fee to join the scheme and access the proeprty details but indications show that the site is very successful.
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